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The WA and the skill assessment

Every WA is based on the candidate’s skill assessment(SA) and LinkedIn profile. By making all your applicants go through a process that takes a deep look into tech skills and background, you’re able to uncover more relevant information than you would from a self-written CV.

The data is listed and visualized on the WA profile so you get a fuller picture of their competence -without having to talk to every single candidate with a bachelor’s degree. WA example

Screening WAs

Customers create job listings, use their own channels to promote it, and then send their applicants to WA.works to create WAs.

When creating the listing, the customer add soft and hard demands for Skills, Education, and Experience.

Their applicants are then instantly ranked by these demands so you always know who to invite to the interview round.

Sourcing existing WAs

Existing users can poke and apply to all our customers on their own,  or get poked by customers. The existing users come from our marketing efforts in social media and other clients’ job listings.

To poke a candidate you create a search. A search is similar to a listing but is never published anywhere. Because in the same way you can rank your own applicants, you can rank all users. It’s an anonymous user list, but you can poke interesting skill profiles to ask for access to their full WA.

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The WA shows your potential even when you have limited work experience
- Reidun, WA candidate, Programmer
I love the simplicity in WA. It’s easy to evaluate people and navigate in the system
- Rolf, Head of Capgemini Bergen
With WA, companies like us can attract talents that one normally would meet through expensive agencies
- Christian, CEO, M´labs

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