We know you have more skills

than what you do at work or were taught at school.

6 truths about tech recruiting

  1. Tech talents have more skills than what they’re asked to do at work, or taught at school.
  2. Asking them to self-sell through a self-written one pager is bullshit.
  3. Comparing them on that bullshit is therefore wrong, but also very difficult.
  4. And making them fill out an online form explicitly for your job listing, is a waste of their time.
  5. Most tech people have a job, hate being approached on LinkedIn and rarely bother to apply anywhere, so sourcing is nearly impossible.
  6. But they ARE open for cooler projects, better pay, more flexible hours and nicer coworkers if these great awards come with minimum effort.

So that’s why we created WA.works.

We want candidates to be able to show off their skills without being limited by formal experience or lack of communication skills. We want them to create great skill profiles so that the companies they choose to be open for, get the full picture of what they’re capable of. We focus on skill and anonymity, so that the candidates can look good and control who gets access to their greatness.


Creating a WA is FREE

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How does it work?

Creating the WAApplying for a jobGetting pokedPoking companies

Your WA

Every WA is based on your skill assessment(SA) and CV/LinkedIn profile. By assessing your tech skills and connecting it to your background, you’re able to show off more relevant information than you would through a self-written CV.

The data is listed and visualized on the WA profile so the employer get a fuller picture of your competence.

Decide which companies gets to access your profile by applying for listings, poking companies and getting discovered in the anonymous database.

Applying for job

Simply apply to a job by clicking the green button. You’re instantly connected and the company will receive a mail about your interest in the position. They can now view your full profile.

The companies have specified their need for skills and background. through MUST and NICE demand.

MUSTs are in black and are absolute demands, while the NICE gives extra points without excluding you if you miss a few.

Get discovered as anonymous

Companies can look through all existing users in our joint database. All they see is an anonymous list view of your WA profile, which doesn’t show who you are or where you’ve worked but everything skill related.

If they like your skills, they may poke you. If this happens, you receive an email explaining that “Company X want to consider you for their positions” and you get to choose whether or not to deny or grant access to your full profile.

Poking companies

This is super easy. After making your WA profile awesome, just click the poke-button on the companies you would maybe be interested in working for. It’s like an open application without the hassle of writing a motivational letter and finding the right person to send it to. Go nuts.

The WA shows your potential even when you have limited work experience
- Reidun, WA candidate, Programmer
I love the simplicity in WA. It’s easy to evaluate people and navigate in the system
- Rolf, Head of Capgemini Bergen
With WA, companies like us can attract talents that one normally would meet through expensive agencies
- Christian, CEO, M´labs



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