This is why your team needs a graduate developer

The transition from the reading hall to the cubicle has its benefits.

graduate developer

The summer is here. And for many newly educated developers, this is the period to search the job market in hopes of finding a future workplace. Companies and employers' candidate lists suddenly got new and exciting additions. This article will show why you and your business should keep your eyes and doors open to those fresh from the school bench.


Why graduates?

1. New Perspectives. Diversity is a key to success. Brainstorming and problem-solving will be easy if you access a broad spectrum of clever heads. Any business will get a new drive with your team's newly educated, creative heads. These new sets of eyes will see your company and tasks in a new way.

2. Motivation. If you wish for motivated souls in your company, there's no one better than recent graduates fresh from their finals.

Nothing beats getting your first job after finishing your studies; the motivation that follows is inevitable.

3. Willingness to Learn. For many, the first few jobs are an incredibly exciting way to specialize in technologies that might pique interest.

. During a 3 or 5-year study, one takes many subjects that don't light that spark in the creative part of the soul. The opportunity to dive deep into a stack for an exciting company might just ignite that spark.

4. Problem-solving. Challenges are taken head-on. After studying, one is eager for experience. For many, there are great benefits from work that takes on new tasks.

You get far with motivation and drive. And those who have recently moved from the reading hall to the office landscape will be able to take their colleagues and company to leaps and bounds.

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What you should keep in mind when hiring a graduate developer:

1. Don't only look at the grades. Developing is a unique field, and recruitment should be likewise. Good grades? Amazing. Less good? It can still be good. Even if grades are an excellent way to mirror the skill level, the recruitment process shouldn't be based on them alone.

IT and development is such a broad and dynamic field that candidates' toolboxes can extend beyond the four walls of the classroom. Never forget how much motivation and self-drive have a say when recruiting a newly graduated developer.

2. If you want to look at grades, don't forget to focus on the learning outcomes. Grades tell two stories: (1) how good one is at absorbing the learning in general and (2) how much of the subject one has learned. As stated, they paint a good picture of a particular set of skill levels. Still, to put the numbers in context, one should focus on the learning outcomes candidates have gained from the subjects.

Be open to learn more about what he candidate takes away from the subjects. And how much the candidate emphasizes the importance of the subject in correlation to their toolbox.

3. Give the developers room to develop. Newly graduated developers have great potential. If the company creates a good developer environment that motivates further learning, then the sky's the limit for progress.

Show enthusiasm. And never forget the importance of a socially inclusive working environment, and the results will follow naturally.

4. It is here that you will find the hidden talents! In pursuing a new developer for your company, the best developers can go unnoticed. Look after motivation and a good relation to the coding experience.

Many recently graduated developers have a high potential, but the challenge lies in finding them. Those who find the most joy in their job create the most benefits from their work.

One last thing

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