EVERYONE should learn from this job listing

Do you want to attract the best developers? Then you should take notes from this job listing

Job Advertisement - Developer

The IT industry is not like any other industry. The battle in this field is not about the good jobs, but the good developers. This is not obvious when reading most job listings, but sometimes we come across companies who just get it.

In the myriad of job announcements, one ad went viral on social media and stole the attention at the WA office. When Netpower was looking for new developers, they created a slightly different job listing. Their ad made us wonder why more companies aren't using the same approach.

Instead of bullet points with demands for the candidate and 250-word long paragraphs about the company and its' goals, they list ten reasons why a developer would enjoy working at their company.

We talked to three of WA's developers and asked them to elaborate on why they think this job listing works.