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When you are ready to hire choose between:

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We hire the candidate with a fixed contract and monthly salary
You pay us per hour for min. 1000 hours
After 1000 hours, you can hire the candidate directly without any extra costs
Hourly rate is 500-1000 NOK
1 month cancellation notice
We bear the risk connected to the hire


Hire directlyDrop Down Arrow

You hire the candidate
You pay us for 225 hours
Hourly rate is 500-1000 NOK
You bear the risk connected to the hire
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How much does it cost to post job listings?

As for all platform activities, posting job listings on is free. You only pay for the applicants you end up hiring.

We found a candidate we like. What now?

Great! Send them an email and set up an interview. We’ll keep track of the progress and assist if needed, but you run the recruitment process however you want to. This is all non-committal and free. If you end up happy and want to hire the candidate, you choose the payment option that best suits your need and budget.

I need someone for a project or part time. Can you help me?

Yes. Though it’s not our primary focus, we have helped a lot of customers with short term projects and part time positions. The recruitment process is the same, but «hire through us» is the only available payment option. Filter by «freelancer» or «student» to see candidates that might be interested in this.

What about candidates that have already applied to us in other channels?

Candidates that you recruited through other channels are yours to hire, without paying us a hiring fee. We only charge for candidates that we helped you discover. Use the channel they applied through (and not to start the recruitment process. In this way, none of us get confused.



The Wide Assessment team has created the recruitment platform to help companies grow better with efficient tools for assessing and accessing talents, while also making sure the candidates get more opportunities with less annoying steps along the way.

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