Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to pay for?

As long as you’re a candidate, you don’t pay for anything at all. Companies can choose to live forever freemium and exploit WA as a general exposure platform, or opt for our premium version with efficient tools for candidate evaluation and discovery.


What is a poke?

A poke is a low threshold kind of contact that our candidates can make towards all companies in our system. It’s basically an open application, but the résumé you “send in” is always latest version.

Premium users can also approach anonymous candidates through pokes. It’s up to the candidate to either accept the request and approve access to their WA, or reject it.


How long does a poke last?

Until you revoke it.


I registered my company, but I seem to be a candidate as well?

A private user is automatically generated when registering a company. This is to make sure we only have valid companies in our system. Your WA is not available to anyone outside your organization if you don’t poke or apply to anything so you don’t have to create a good WA.

However, your Company WA is a summary of all coworkers’ skill assessments and we highly recommend having this turned on to attract the right talent.


How do I invite coworkers to help me recruit?

Like this


I signed up as a candidate. How do I create a company?

Click the plus-icon in the upper right corner. Your company will be available for pokes instantly after adding the company name.


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