Meet our epic people.

We have a true passion for recruiting and programming.

With almost 10 years of experience from the IT recruitment industry, we know how to separate the important stuff from the bullshit when finding your new coworker. And that’s exactly how we ended up with our own amazing tech team of full stack programmers who love modern coding.

Stine Andreassen CEO

Stine Andreassen, CEO
Stine has an education in Entrepreneurship and background from marketing Microsoft Dynamics AX solutions. Her expertise is IT project management, communication and pitching.

Arve Andreassen

Arve Andreassen, CSO

Arve has 20+ years witihin IT sales, and almost 10 from IT recruiting. His biggest asset is his networking skills and “the sky is the limit”-mind set.

Viljar Rolfsen, developer

Viljar is a passionate programmer with a natural technical eye for how things should be done.

Are Arntsen, developer

With a special responsibility for implementing a new design on, Are joined our team in February 2018.

Andreas Hammerbeck, CTO

Though he’s still in school working on his master’s degree, we just had to grab this talented programmer. Andreas delivers fast, quality code and is very valuable to the team.

Petter Kjørsvik, Sales

Petter is a hard working and innovative seller who loves to meet new people and introduce them to the wonders of

Maren Myrseth, Communications Manager

Maren is a fast learner with many ideas. She can make anything seem interesting and we have the utmost faith in her skills of making WA look our best.

Xavier Martinez Niño, Project & Process Manager / Lead Specialist

Xavier is a driven worker with a lot of different skills. He enjoys solving problems and improving processes to make the best it can be.

Kyrre Kvebæk, Sales

Kyrre is the latest addition to the team and will be working on acquiring new customers to A humble guy we’re sure will have great success!

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